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We've Reached The Mentos & Diet Coke Phase

Photo Credit: New York Times

I'm sure, by now, we all have seen at least one version of a video of someone putting Mentos into a bottle of Coca-Cola. If you haven't, you can watch the one at the end of this article. It's a fun little science experiment designed to help us understand the physical reactions of dissolved gasses, specifically when you dissolve them into liquids, and then give them space to expand and escape. You can read about the physics of it HERE.

In many ways, this experiment models for us the volatility of the modern political sphere in America. Dissolved within the fluid of American society, you have a number of differing viewpoints which have recently been shaken up and brought to the surface. This has led to an increased hostility between us as American citizens.

Now, normally, if you shake up a soda, it just overflows. It's messy, but it can be cleaned up without too much work. Sometimes, you can even put the cap back on the bottle to stop the process and save some of the clean up work. For the sake of this article, we'll call that cap suppressing the riots and protests. Given a normal situation, historically, this has been enough to bottle up most of the damage, but recently things have changed, and it's causing the process to rapidly expand and to magnify in both power and explosiveness. This isn't good, but it's not stopping either.


Our "Mentos," for the sake of this article, are the events leading up to the November election. For those of you who need reminding, those would be the riots, the burning and destruction of American cities and businesses, the take over of entire city sections by socialists and ANTIFA, the harassing, beating, stopping, and even shooting of those who objected to said events, and then the lax law enforcement by cities and states in stopping the chaos. The "cap" was never applied to the bottle to stop it, or if it was, it was a half measure or it had enough holes to be ineffectual.

So, given this "Mentos" addition to our Coca-Cola, we started to see a rather rapid and massive reaction in our societal cohesion. The normally dormant, yet possibly explosive, gasses began to foment and expand. Feelings of anger, shock, outrage, and yes, fear, all came flooding to the surface and culminated in an unprecedented election the likes of which we haven't seen since Adams v. Jefferson. Oh, that Jefferson had won that election and kept us from going down the globalist and international debt path... but I digress.

So the stage was set for one of the craziest election changes that we've seen, well, ever. The United States, of all places, relaxed its voter registration requirements and allowed mail in voting on a scale so unprecedented that it could have ONLY led to the cacophony we're seeing now, regardless of who won. Yep, you read that right, had Joe Biden lost, you'd still be seeing the same show, just the alternate version. I don't think we give that truth enough credit to be fair.

Let's assume for a moment that there was no real fraud. I'm on record saying that there was but that it wasn't enough to effect the outcome, but let's just go all the way and say that no real fraud occurred. Well, there were enough irregularities that happened with the counting of all of these ballots that they were going to be challenged by either side no matter who won. Had Donald Trump won, the Biden team would be calling for a major inquiry into the "Burst Pipe" counting irregularity. Yet he won, so it's Trump's team instead.

So, we already knew that calls for recounts, audits, and possibly a re-vote were going to come; and this was going to happen regardless of which candidate emerged victorious. If you don't believe that Biden (or a surrogate) would be doing the exact same thing, then you haven't been paying enough attention to the ground work his campaign was laying down for months leading up to the election on TV News and in interviews.

Yet, instead of being prepared for this eventuality, the government just turned around and said, "No." Courts refused to hear the evidence, and even the Supreme Court refused to even hear the arguments. I'm not telling you it happened, but when you don't give someone their day in court, you're asking for them to act out in other ways. And, for the record, I would feel the same way about Democrat claims of fraud as well. Election fraud is SO HORRIFIC that any democratic country should stop out ANY and ALL embers of that fire, then dump water on them, then dump sand on them, then spray them with an extinguisher, and then bury them again. We HAVE to be sure and confident in the results, and having government officials just say, "trust us, it was all good" isn't good enough. It wouldn't be for either side.

Yet, instead of doing the simple thing and allowing for an audit of the process and vote, which could have been done if it had happened right away with a plan since we all knew this was coming, we spent our time staunchly saying that it wasn't necessary. Here's a tip, it's coming, and you can't stop it. It won't derail the inauguration, but these Republican legislatures? They're going to investigate and audit, and get to the bottom of it, they're going to sue the Democrat governors for overstepping their legal authority in the name of "COVID," and in the end, we'll know the truth, good or bad, and that's a good thing. Yet everything that's happened, including the capital riots, could have all been avoided with a simple and effective plan.

Which leads us to now. Their response, instead of transparency, is to just censor and suppress. That's right, their screwing the cap down tighter. They're looking to censor your content on social media. They're blocking articles that go against the narrative. They're even blocking real news sites, with valid press credentials, from posting their articles. Funny how the left wants freedom of the press until the press is saying what they don't want to hear and then they want censorship.

They have even gone so far as to collude together to destroy companies which allow for free speech by requiring them to submit to their own "terms and service" agreements. They are currently attempting to destroy Parler for their non-involvement in the capital riots while ignoring the fact that Facebook's meet up function was used repeatedly in the ANTIFA riots and destructions. Funny, I don't hear everyone calling for Facebook's destruction... but hey, only one side needs to be suppressed right?

Here's the trick about suppression, however, just like that bottle of Coca-Cola and Mentos, when you suppress the reaction, especially when it gets to a point of real reaction, you don't actually suppress it, you just pressurize it. When you silence people, you make martyrs out of them. When you block free speech forms, you simply leave them to find others. Heck, Google Ben Franklin's "Silence Do Good letters" for an example of a work around censorship. Pressurization always finds release, and what do you think that release will look like as Joe Biden rams his liberal agenda down the throats of Americans who already believe he's illegitimate?

Ok, I shouldn't have to connect those dots for you. If I do, go read a few history books on revolutions and insurrections and come back to read this again.

What upsets me most is that all of this could have been avoided. Both sides had a plan to attack the results, and both sides had a plan to suppress the reaction of the other. Yet, had both sides worked together to have an audit plan in place prior to all of this mess, we could have been fully done before January 20th and we could be looking at an ironclad election result which no one could use as a rallying cry for their side. That's what elections should be, that's what election have to be, and if they're not, they not only become worthless, they become dangerous.

Elections exist to stave off insurrection. Prior to democracy, the only way the citizens had to change their government was to stage a revolt. Democracy's purpose was to eliminate that by allowing the citizen to change their government little by little, a piece at a time, so that they know that their voice was heard. The issue is, when you remove that last part, and people don't trust that their voice was heard, then you end up right back where you were, revolt, and NONE of us want that. Yet some, as ANTIFA showed us with their riots, feel that this is their only expression left to them. So now SOME on the right feel the same way, well, you're going to get the same reaction. If you've studied history and politics, none of this should surprise you.

I wonder what's going to happen if these audits DO in fact turn up fraud. What will happen when these state legislatures start turning in the reports that they've already started working on? When hundreds of thousands of hours of investigations culminate in reports accepted by those same bodies?

I know what will happen if they don't show fraud. If there was no fraud, it will just throw water on the flames of revolt and we can all breathe easier. Yet if they do, in fact, show fraud, every bit of the reaction will be magnified by a factor of hundreds because of the suppression that happened.

And it all could have been avoided. That's the real tragedy of it. Just like the ANTIFA riots could have been avoided if dealt with early, this could have been avoided with simple and straightforward planning.

But hey, at least Mentos and Coke is fun to watch, revolt and revolution? Not so much.

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