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We Were Right

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Vice President Joe Biden

It's not often that you get the paradoxical distinction of being right while still losing. One would think that this would make the sting less potent, but in truth, I'd never hoped to be wrong so much as I did this time. Yet, unfortunately I was right, and Joe Biden has been every bit as bad as I had feared, and he's not even taken office yet.

First up on his docket, nationalized mask mandates and the notice that we're stuck with Dr. Fauci for another four years. Let us, just for a moment, leave out the Constitutionality of such a mandate, let us ONLY deal with the morality of it. We have become conditioned to believe that we have a "right" to demand things of others, regardless of their desire or ability to comply. Such a mandate only reinforces that collectivist mindset, and really doesn't do what people appear to believe that it does.

One of the biggest things that people appear to misunderstand is that everyone WILL eventually get the virus. The CDC said so from the start, and though they're not saying it nearly as loudly now, they haven't changed their stance. Their own website says the following under the "Community Mitigation" section: "Community mitigation is a set of actions that people and communities can take to slow the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. The goal of community mitigation in areas with local COVID-19 transmission is to slow its spread and to protect all individuals, especially those at increased risk for severe illness, while minimizing the negative impacts of these strategies. For more information, see Community Mitigation Framework."

The goal is to slow the spread in order to keep spikes under the capacity of local medical facilities. The goal is not to stop people from getting it, that's not possible and even they know it. Even the vaccine will only lesson symptoms, not protect you from getting it. All these mask mandates will do is slow the spread and prolong the period that we use them, though, to be fair, there will be lives saved by not over stressing the medical community's ability to care for people.

The best bet is to get vaccinated to reduce the severity of your symptoms and just understand that you will, eventually get it. These mandates offer a psychological placebo for people mentally anguishing about getting it, yet they are just that, a placebo. And for that placebo, we're going to continue to see the increases in other forms of mental health issues such as suicide, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and cabin fever.

Yet that's really not what I'm upset about, what I'm upset about is that Joe Biden shows absolutely no desire, whatsoever, to tell the truth, particularly if it's uncomfortable. He lacks the ability to look into a camera and say, "Here's what you need to know, you ARE going to get this virus, but we're doing everything we can to mitigate the severity of it when you do." No, instead he'll let people languish and suffer with a pointless hope that they might somehow avoid getting this or that it'll be gone before it gets to me. Many of these same people think COVID is new, and don't understand that it's just a new strain of the already existent coronavirus family. It's not going anywhere, and people really NEED to be told that, it's not fair to keep them dangling. Trump said it, but people didn't believe him/listen, Biden needs to say it as well, but I honestly don't believe that he will.

Next up are his cabinet picks which all but physically scream, "we're coming for your guns." I mean, if you were to line up a more vocal and outright group of gun grabbers than them, you'd have seriously accomplished something, and that's before Governor Cuomo of New York comes on board as he's been expected to do in some capacity for quite a while now. It appears that Joe Biden is determined to make good on his threat to reinstate the "assault weapons ban" and other laws that make it harder to purchase and keep a firearm for protection. Look if watching the cacophony that happened recently and watching the police do nothing about it doesn't cause you to question how you might be able to protect yourself, then you don't understand just how on your own you truly are when it comes to your safety.

Finally, any review of his policy positions with economic impact should leave you quaking in your boots. Might I suggest investing in gold and silver while you can?

His backing of increased union pressure (you must join), increased time off for "personal reasons" (expanding FMLA, paternity, maternity, and medical leave), a $15.00 minimum wage (which will only lead to inflation getting us nowhere), his "Anti-Scab" policies (making it harder for companies to hire replacements for striking workers), his push to include companies as "employers" for liability reasons with contract employees, and his push to force companies to label contractors as employees for tax reasons show that he has no desire to back businesses, big or small, during his administration, and that will bring about a "long dark winter" for business owners and will keep many from stepping out into the unknown and starting one for at least the next four years. In fact, it's possible that many close up now using COVID as a reason than try to struggle through the next four years of his administration.

We haven't even gone into his party's push for marijuana legalization, his reinstituting of Critical Race Theory training, his push back against the border wall (even though I agree with him on the DREAMERs act), his desire to increase mail in voting, and so many other things that he's signaled he supports. And, by the way, those don't include things he may still have to take a position on such as re-funding planned parenthood, expanding the Supreme Court, ending lifetime appointments for justices, and revoking trade tariffs that have brought back and protected American manufacturing.

Yes, Biden has been EVERY BIT as bad as we'd feared he would be and in some ways even worse, what with his threats of shutdowns and all. I have never wanted so much to be wrong in my entire life, yet alas, I was right, and now we have a whole lot of fighting to do. I'm just glad I live in Texas where a reasonable governor will hopefully fight back for all of us here in the Lone Star State.

I'm sorry for anyone caught in a blue state, but hey, this is the cost of voting for Joe Biden.

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Consequently it may come to a all out civil war, one that literally overthrows the government as we know it and it's within our constitution to do just that. I'm old, but not feeble, or mentally challenged. If he makes owning a gun illegal, then I'll be your huckleberry. If they try rewriting the constitution, then it's war. I for one will not go quietly in the night. The crack down on our liberties because of the fear mongering of this virus is ludicrous, and as with any virus, it's going to be here forever and it's going to mutate. This isn't about people getting sick, this is about sick people wanting to rule and being influenced by satanic forces…

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