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Wesley Hunt Exposes Why Emotionalism Hurts Minorites

Texas political figure Wesley Hunt recently dished up a big huge helping of truth on Fox & Friends, and he is a part of a new breed of conservative along with fellow Texas Conservatives Dan Crenshaw and Dr. Tim Westley who are all ultimately being headed up by LTC (R) Allen West. Though only Crenshaw is currently in congress, these four voices continue to define, shape, and lead Conservatism in Texas at the State level, and partner with Senator Ted Cruz to do so at the national level.


In the above video, Hunt points out some glaring hypocrisy in the recent Major League Baseball move, but what he doesn't say, at least not implicitly, is that because of an emotional reaction to a PERCEPTION, MLB is now going to have to eventually answer for it's direct damage done to the predominantly black community of Atlanta, Georgia.

Let's be clear, this economic loss will be felt by the state, to a point, but most of the economic impact won't impact the state, it will directly impact the businesses, employees, and overall economic health of the City of Atlanta. States only receive a portion of that funding, so it's not nearly as crippling of a move for the state as some would like you to believe.

Further, when the details of this move get out, and people begin to understand that they did it for no reason, or worse, ended up doing something bad for a wrong reason, then it's going to be just that much more egg on their face, and the person in Georgia who pressured MLB into the move? Well, they will come to light and have to face that when the voters stand in the voting booths.

For now, I will let Mr. Harris' words stand on their own without adding any further commentary. All I can do is express how grateful I am to him and his fellow Conservatives, who happen to all be Veterans by the way (home team plug), for standing up and speaking truth into the void of modern "woke" culture.

Thank you Wesley Harris, for leading when others just want to get swept up in the emotionalism flow. I truly hope to meet you someday!

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