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What If The Worst Were To Happen?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Joe Biden - Photo Credit: LA Times

"What if" are two of the hardest words to use in the English language. They often are asking about a worst case scenario and are often used for contingency plans that people hope they'll never have to use. Yet, we find ourselves in a tumultuous situation where no matter who wins, about half the country is going to be angry.

So what if the worst happens? What if, and I'm praying hard against it, Joe Biden wins the Presidency? What should we do? Well, I'll answer as best I can.

1) PRAY - And pray hard. Pray that his agenda is blocked at every angle and on every approach. We may not be in control, but God is, and even when we don't understand why He would allow something that will hurt us, He knows. Perhaps it's punishment, perhaps it's a test, but either way, we should pray for relief from the totalitarianism that is coming.

2) RESIST - But, Wes, I thought you didn't condone violence! I don't, and I won't. I never said resist violently, but resistance takes on many forms, and violence is only one of them.

We need to protest EVERY time they try to make a change to the Supreme Court. Not just a gaggle of people who were willing to take a vacation day from work, but EVERYONE and organized into large parades and rallies. They need to know that we won't stand for it. We need "Trump Parades" against every single change they try to make.

We need to protest EVERY new tax. No matter who they tax, no matter what level they tax (city, county, state, or federal), and no matter what they tax (even if you agree with "sin taxes"). We need to shout loudly into the face of the systemic theft of American productivity and wealth and tell them that they're not going to take our money.

We need to REFUSE to participate in ANY new government programs. Obamacare expansions, Biden care, SNAP expansions, CHIP expansions, Green Energy "grants," etc. etc. etc. If half the country FLAT refuses to participate, most federal program will fall flat on their face because they can't sustain the massive infrastructure required to continue the program.

3) GET INVOLVED - If Biden wins, there can be no more of this arm chair conservatism. We can no longer take for granted that our system will keep us safe. They will have upended the system and they will be looking to slant and upset it even more. The only thing that will staunch the bleeding is if we stand up and fight back.

Call your local, county, state, and federal representatives and senators. Pick one, and volunteer. Not just during election season, but permanently. Get involved. Stay involved. Contact your local Republican or Libertarian party and do ANYTHING you can to help them advance the party and their agenda/candidates.

4) DONATE - If this election has shown us anything it's that the idea of Republicans being the party of "Corporatists" who just throw money at them is a myth. The Democrats have outraised Republicans by huge margins, and it's due to the high dollar donations of Hollywood and Big Tech. More than ever, Republicans are depending on the average person to donate as, just like in 2016, the majority of Trump's donations were from individuals, and most were under $50.

Again, pick a candidate and start donating. Make it monthly, and make it recurring. It might only be $25 per month, but if we all pitch in, monthly, recurring, and not just during election season, we can hope to match the power of the elites through continuous grass roots efforts.

Unfortunately, we don't have federally funded elections, so there will always be a disparity and we'll always have to be fighting to outraise the other side. It's okay, it is what it is, we have to operate in that reality so let's do it, and let's win.

5) RUN FOR OFFICE - I can hear you now, "wait, what?!" No, I didn't stutter, I didn't stumble, and I didn't lose my mind. If you live in a dark blue state, RUN FOR OFFICE so that people can hear another view point. Offer an alternative, a plan, a conservative road. They may never elect you, oh well, at least the message is getting out, and you never know how those seeds will grow once they're planted.

If you live in a dark red state, run anyway. Challenge incumbents, particularly if they've become comfortable with the game and want to "go along to get along" with the liberal agenda. We need people who can get stuff done, true, but we don't want to sacrifice the agenda just because of it.

Look at your incumbent's voting record, see if it matches with the conservative principles, and if it doesn't, then primary them. No one should go unprimaried, if for no other reason then it helps to keep them sharp, and also helps to ensure that they remember that they need to stay true to the conservatives who elected them.

If the worst should happen, it's not necessarily the end of the world, BUT it does mean that we will have to start from the ground up again. There will be three elections before the next Presidential race, and we'll need to make sure that we absolutely do all of the above for each and every single one of them.

Let not your heart be troubled, but rather, dedicate yourself to fighting the good fight to crush the socialist agenda and to take our country back to where it belongs.

All that said, however, while we prepare for the worst, let's not forget to hope for the best, and pray fervently for it.

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