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Why Is The Right So Upset?

I continue to be asked, repeatedly, why the Right is so upset about a possible Joe Biden presidency. After all, "he's a moderate," "he's not going to rock the boat," or "he'll go along to get along." So why would anyone fight this hard to prevent him from getting into the White House? Why is there such a catastrophic meltdown over his election?

Well, I'll do my best to explain it, though I warn you, if you are a liberal, you'll likely disagree with much of it.


There can be no denying Joe Biden's link to Barack Obama's legacy. From the Affordable Care Act to the Iran Nuclear deal, Joe Biden was there cheerleading every move and talking about how this is the best possible direction for America. We remember...

- We remember President Obama suing the Little Sister of the Poor to force them to offer health insurance that covered abortive birth control such as the day after pill and even abortion itself.

- We remember Obama's DOJ supporting lawsuits against Christian bakers, photographers, clerks, pastors, and even churches and synagogues who stood up and said that they had a right not to participate in same sex marriage, and how he pontificated about how evil and heinous these people were because they wanted the freedom to practice their religious convictions.

- We remember President Obama actually defending the actions of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, and not just being sad that they were dead, and the way he excoriated law enforcement for not sacrificing themselves or their community in the Michael Brown case was inexcusable.

- We remember his global apology tour, as if we're some kind of global evil, his abandoning of Israel, his cozying up with Iran, the disastrous Nuclear Deal with Iran that all but gave them nuclear bombs and the unbelievable explanation that, "if we have them, we have no right to say that they can't."

- We remember his desire to see us surrender more and more of our national sovereignty to the UN, his desire to place US Soldiers under UN Courts, his willingness to allow the UN to dictate when and where US troops would deploy, and his disastrous draw down of US military numbers and budgets.

- We remember his ardent defense of abortion and his desire to see it expand and restrictions eased. We remember his Justice Department suing states for placing restriction on doctors preforming abortions to have admitting privileges to local hospitals in case of an emergency or a botched job.

- We remember Obama's push for a national assault weapons ban and his multiple, yes MULTIPLE attempts to stomp on (or out) gun rights in this country. We know that Joe Biden has already said that he wants to do the same and worse, and there is no reason not to believe him.

- We remember his disastrous job market, his high unemployment, how hard it was to find a job or to get a promotion. We remember how he attempted to raise the minimum salary level from $42,700.00 to $55,000.00 per year and the fear that ran through many of us (myself included) that we wouldn't have jobs as companies like Best Buy and others across multiple sectors slashed and burned their management teams to prepare for it. We also remember how he pushed for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage and realize what that would do to our economy.

- We remember the statement about magic wands and wondering which company was next on the moving out of country roulette wheel. We remember his pushing of the H1B Visas that cost American workers their jobs, and his open borders initiatives that threatened to basically make all of Central America a quasi state without our country as a whole receiving any benefit from their increased prosperity.

I could go on and on and on, but suffice it to say, we remember the Obama Presidency, the sting still lingers, and the person who is claiming that he won the election is not only SAYING that he wants to return to these things, but he was ACTUALLY a part of the team that architected them.


Furthermore, there seems to be a denial by moderate Republicans or centrist Democrats as to Joe Biden's radicalization. We're told things like, "oh he was just saying that," or, "he didn't really mean it." Yet, all evidence appears to be to the contrary.

Joe Biden claims that he doesn't support the Green New Deal any longer, but when you read his plan, it is, in all the ways that matter, the same thing, just repackaged to look more plateable. He is talking a socialistic talk that would make Bernie Sanders blush, and he picked a Vice President who had, and continues to, double down on his socialist rhetoric.

We've heard him talk about national COVID mandates and shutdowns. We've reviewed the people that he's picked to be on his "task force," and it scares the living daylights out of us. We know that he's a politician at heart and that he has no backbone to tell the American People what they don't want to hear, but rather he wants to comfort them all with the lie that they "can be protected so they won't get COVID" when we understand that we flattened the curve because eventually we're all GOING to get it.


Joe Biden also has said that he would consider Court Packing and ending the filibuster. He's said that he has no problem reforming America because in his mind it needs to be reformed.

He wants to see the expansion of judicial law making and not an ending of it. He wants to bring even more power under the Presidential Executive Order not less. He wants to work around congress and not with it, but hey, he, like Trump, learned from Barack Obama just how effective that can be when its unchallenged.

In short, there is no reason to believe that Joe Biden will accept the natural gridlock that prevents one party from forcing its will on the other, but rather there is all the evidence that points directly to him desiring to take a page from Obama's playbook and force the country further left yet again. After listening to both him and Kamala Harris, you can't even refute this as THEY have been extensively clear that this is exactly what they want to do.


So, why is the right so upset about Joe Biden's election?

The answer is fairly simple. He's not a moderate like Tulsi Gabbard who the right could work with. Heck, he's not even a compromiser like Bill Clinton who was ACTUALLY able to work with Republicans to achieve a lot during his Presidency. No, he's a hard leftist, even if only because he had to be to win, and those backing him will not accept that he cannot deliver on his rhetoric. They've invested too much time and money to accept that and he'll be under IMMENSE pressure to deliver a return on that investment.

We're scared, we're scared of returning to the world as Obama saw it. We're scared to returning to leftist social and fiscal policies. We don't want that world. We reject that world. We'd do anything not to have to live in that world. So why is anyone surprised that the Right is upset about a person being elected who has promised to force it on us?

I will say it again and again and again, the only way forward TOGETHER is to go back to a Federalist system. I just hope that our country at large doesn't have to learn that the hard way.

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