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"Woke" Culture Defined By A Chicken Sandwich?

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They're slowly achieving their goal, while also not realizing that they're priming for a backlash the likes of which they've never seen.

Who are they?

The Woko-Haram Wokahadists who continue to try to push their political agenda down the throats of Americans in every facet of our lives despite most of us not wanting to hear it.

Want to watch a sports game? It's no longer an escape, it's political.

Want to go to Disney Land? It's not longer an escape, it's also political.

Want to watch TV, go to a movie, enjoy a Netflix series? Nope, it's there too.

Now, as if that weren't enough insanity, you can't even buy a chicken sandwich anymore without having to choose sides in the woke-a-thon Olympics.


Say what you want about Chic-Fil-A, but they don't wear their agenda on their sleeve. They just served every customer that walked through their doors with the same courtesy and high quality food that they do everyone else. In fact, other than them being closed on Sunday, you wouldn't have even guessed that they were a Christian owned company.

I mean, I can name two other fast food chains who actually put scripture references ON THEIR PACKAGING, but they don't get this kind of hate. Nope, it's because someone went digging into their charitable contributions, found nothing wrong, but still managed to get offended and tell the wokeaholics to boycott them.

This is in complete and utter contradiction to how Burger King has chosen to act in an attempt to be the leader and top dog in the purchasing of Woke-Stock, or maybe wokecoin? Still working on that one.

Here is their tweet, and yes, it's directly from the company:

So aside from the OBVIOUS slam on Chic-Fil-A, Burger King has gone out of their way to promote that their new menu item will go to fund LGBT(yadda yadaa) causes. No one had to dig for this, it's right there, out in the open, and available for everyone to see. In fact, they threw it in your face. And there is the difference between conservatives and the wokealites.

Conservatives just go about their business, doing business, serving whomever comes, and do their thing. Their beliefs are their beliefs, and they don't throw them in anyone else's face. The "Woke Cult?" They P.R.I.D.E. themselves on, and genuinely relish in, the drama and attention of throwing their beliefs in everyone else's face and trying to force people to see the world through their lens.

But here's the big question, why would Burger King do this? Everyone who disagrees with them will not buy that sandwich, and in fact, most people who disagree with them will now avoid their restaurant all together. And that hurts, because I L.O.V.E. the Double Whopper, hold the lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, with extra onions. Yet how can I go and support a business who's made it extremely clear that it doesn't want people like me buying their food?

How many dollars will that cost their charity? How much will they lose because many like me aren't shopping there anymore? Chic-Fil-A is already not being shopped at by those who support BK's new position, so it won't change anything there. All it will do is decrease BK's customer base, and make it so that they have less money to donate.

They're banking on those who support the LBGT agenda who don't eat there to begin doing so. Yet, in the end, people don't eat there because they don't like their burgers, not because of their political agenda. Those people aren't going to start eating food they don't like because it's a cause they do. They'll just donate directly to the charity.

Yes, there will be a few who like BK who will now choose them over their competition, but I would bet almost ANY amount of money that they'll lose more in customers avoiding them than they'll make by convincing a small percentage of their customer base to patronize them more.

I hate to break it to them, but the community they're targeting isn't all that big. The LGBT(and others) community is only about 3% of the population, and their "allies" who are actually willing to put their money where their mouth is, isn't much more than that. I'm sorry, but 6% of the total population, many of whom may not like BK for food or taste reasons, are not going to make up for the number of people that will now avoid their restaurant, even if they support the LGBT community, just because they're tired of the woke-mile that's happening in our country.

That's what these people don't understand, more than anything. They can't fathom that their position isn't held by the majority of people, or that their "taking a stand" won't change people's minds. They're so convinced of the "righteousness" of their cause, that they will shoot themselves in the foot just to try to stand on their principles.

This has the makings of another Nike situation. We'll have to see how the Burger King board of directors handles it if their income drops. This could be another in the string of "Woke to Broke" companies, and CEO Brad Blum may be the one to face the proverbial executioner for it.

As Michael Jordan once famously answered, "Republicans buy shoes too."

They also buy burgers, and chicken sandwiches.

Guess BK will have to learn the hard way.


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