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Ron DeSantis Is Making People Register Their Political Beliefs, Except He's Not

Photo Credit: Wilfredo Lee of the Associated Press

Ok, in the latest hyperventilation of the liberal machine, we are seeing people getting spun up about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' attempts to make colleges take surveys of their students and faculties political stances. They are painting this as some kind of by name registry of people and their views, except it is not just random people, it is educators and student of higher learning. It is not kept by name, but rather it is a statistical matrix of diversity. You know the kind that the left has been using and championing for close to fifty years (yes, half a century)?

Yet they are reacting the same way they do with everything. When it helps us, it is good, but when it does not, it is bad. Just like they love equal access time laws when they are applied to radio stations, but bristle and hiss like a cat when you mention making it universal to cover television as well.

It always appears to be it is good for you, but not for us.


So what exactly IS Governor DeSantis doing? Well, that is a good question, and it is one that deserves further inspection.

What he is doing is combating a not so recent surge and monopoly on college and university campuses to silence and deny conservative voices access to students. Sometimes that is blocking individual guest speakers, but far more often it is simply blocking conservative professors from advancing, dropping grades of students who turn in assignments with conservative viewpoints, and/or finding ways to make them persona non-grata on campus until they either leave or graduate and go away.

Yep, you heard me right, these great champions of diversity and inclusiveness are not only not being inclusive, they are actively working against diversity of thought and viewpoint. The hypocrisy should not surprise you, not if you have been paying attention.

I have long called out the need for more conservatives to get involved in education, particularly in teaching and administration, but often I am met with the complaint that it does not matter because they will just get kicked out by a liberal system that does not want them there. Well, here is one possible fix that levels that playing field and allows for conservatives to access at least higher education.

It is one thing for Jon Doe college student to agree with his liberal professor after viewing and hearing from all sides. It is something else completely when Jon Doe accepts his indoctrination simply because he was denied access to people with a counter factual narrative and he was not allowed to decide. The latter, unfortunately, is what we have going on on campus.

So enter the new plan. Colleges & Universities will have to compile viewpoint diversity data just as they currently do for racial diversity, gender diversity, ability diversity, etcetera. This will either highlight just how wrong Governor DeSantis is, or prove him right. The fact that they are fighting it as hard as they are shows that they are far more worried about the latter.

Yet, this was all part of the plan, if you read anything by Saul Alinsky or Karl Marx. Get a stranglehold of the education system and then make it so that anyone who wants to be or do anything must go there. Remember the push in the 1990s that EVERYONE needs to go to college? Well, how is that working out for us now?

You see, in our desire to remember the "good ol' days," we remember college as it was back in the 1900s. We remember having professors of all kinds of different viewpoints and stances; and we are shocked to learn that this is no longer the case. And this does not even begin to include high school which is yet another blog article.

Most people who attended college pre-2000s would barely recognize how campuses function today. "Free Speech" zones, "Safe" spaces, intolerant professors who grade as much on political ideology acceptance as they do on content and research. You may not WANT to believe me, but believe me, it is absolutely happening in AMERICA today.

And so, Governor DeSantis is dismantling the liberal bastion that the modern education system has become. It is like the SHOCK when parents began to realize what Critical Race Theory was and that it was in THEIR school. Most alumni do not want to believe that their old stomping ground has become thus, but more likely than not, it has.

Parents must be made aware of what is going on. Governor DeSantis is shining a great big flashlight under the rock of higher education, and people who are involved do not like it, and those looking on are sitting there in shocked disbelief.

Be shocked, but believe what you are seeing, it is all too real.

The only way that we are going to prevent a socialist takeover of this country is to root it out of our educational system. Ditto race segregation and separation. Also, all of the other separators of personhood that these schools have attempted to create.

I will assume that you as a parent would like to be able to look up a school's political diversity just as much as you would their racial, gender, ability, et al diversity. In the end, this is all about informing parents and potential students before they spend a LOT of money on non-refundable application fees, moving costs, tuition, books, and everything else just to find that they cannot continue at that school because of how they are being treated.

This is not a Nazi like registration list, it is nothing more than a truth in advertising demographic study.

It is time to force these schools to live up to their stated goal of academic inclusiveness of both people and thought.

I cannot understand why they would fight that.



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